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Law Enforcement

LEM Solutions manufactures a line of patented Vehicle Headrest Printer Mounts. Our products completely eliminate the space constraint issue inherent to all Mobile Office applications that deploy mobile printers.

LEM Solutions headrest printer mounts literally take the common space constraint issue “up and away” by securely mounting the printer on top of the passenger seat…the perfectly practical solution to a universal problem.

Mobile Printing for Public Safety

Brother Rugged PrinterPublic safety professionals require fast, reliable mobile printing solutions that keep them focused on the job, not the technology. At Brother, we engineer tough, portable, and extremely reliable mobile printing solutions that handle the wide variety of citations, tickets, reports, and even paper labels you need—quickly and easily. Explore advanced technology solutions for public safety in-vehicle and out.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Quickly and reliably print full-page or smaller format citations, documents, receipts, labels, and more. Wired and wireless options are available, in sizes and mount configurations designed for in-vehicle and carry scenarios.
  • Accident reports
  • Amber Alerts
  • Summons
  • Warrants
  • E-citations
  • Warnings
  • Parking violations
  • Driver information exchanges
  • Receipts
  • Evidence labels
  • Office tags
  • And more


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